Sunday School 9:30 AM
Worship Service 10:40 AM

3rd Annual Best of the Prairie Cook Off

Do you have a favorite family recipe? Why not whip it up and enter it in our 3rd Annual Best of the Prairie Cook Off. The contest will begin 60 minutes after service.  Come prepared to try out lots of great tasting food!

Chips and salsa and drinks will be served during the intermission

Best of the Prairie Cooking Contest 2019 Contest Rules 

  •  All food must be prepared by you 
  • Please avoid unsafe cooking practices
    • Keep hot foods hot (>140), cold foods cold <40)
    • Wash hands and utensils 
    • Avoid cross contamination 
  • Make enough food to give out samples (approximately 80 servings)
    • PBF will supply sample cups (4oz) and spoons/forks
    • Have a list of all ingredients available to avoid allergies
    • You may enter multiple categories, but each item in only 1 category
  • There will be 4 sub-category winners and 1 grand winner
    • Sub groups are:
      • Open category
      • Salad
      • Meats/Proteins
      • Dessert
  • Winners will be determined by popular vote
    • Each person will have 1 vote per category and a grand winner
    • Votes will be tabulated, and the winners announced that day

Event Properties

Event Date July 28, 2019 1:15 pm
Location Prairie Baptist Fellowship